Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov, the boss of a giant media company called New Media Stars, has been working since 2001 to find immortality!


Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov, the boss of a giant media company called New Media Stars, has been working since 2001 to find immortality! 

We often hear about “immortality” in science-fiction films and literary works, especially with developing technology. Immortality, which is by no means medically possible at this time, can, according to many theorists, be made valid in terms of technology.

Especially in the review of Black Mirror'ın 4. as mentioned in the chapter San Junipero, there was a project in which the deceased were given the chance to live forever in a virtual world called San Junipero. Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov, who wants to make people immortal by transferring the brain and personality to the virtual world, has been working on a theoretical state of immortality by transferring human beings into an artificial, robotic body as a result of a special study called Avatar with his project “2045 Initiative” launched in 2011.

Avatar A, Avatar B, Avatar C and Avatar D are the details of the phases in this project.;

Avatar Phases Of The 2045 Initiative;

Avatar A is a remotely controlled artificial body that will allow information passing through the human mind to be sent away and returned back to the brain in a healthy way. It is expected to be completed before 2020.

Avatar B; the artificial body in which a dying human brain will be transplanted in a manner similar to an organ transplant. This body will host the transplanted brain, keep the brain alive and interact with the environment. It is expected to be completed by 2025.

Avatar C is the artificial body in which a dying human brain, personality, mind and consciousness are transferred. According to the organization, the first successful mind transfer will take place in 2035.

Avatar D; artificial body in Hologram form. It is the main goal of the 2045 Initiative. People with Hologram avatars will never be infected with the disease and thus will not be sick as well as immortality.

Now that I am in 2017, we can say that we are in the Avatar a stage of the project. With significant development expected by 2020 for a robotic artificial body project that can be controlled remotely, the 2045 Initiative project also aims to make older people a flawless biological body.

Itskov also stressed that 60% of the main R & D system of the project has already been completed, and that 85% of the Avatar a sub-project has already been completed. The 2045 Initiative, which is already fundraising for people who want to have an avatar for avatar models, will provide this service to people who can make a financial contribution of $ 3 million or more in the first phase.

If Dmitry Itskov succeeds in this project, which seems impossible at the moment, then by 2020, robots that are remotely controlled artificial humans will be transplanted into the virtual environment of the human brain in 2025. Transcendence (Evolution) film - robots may have a new body transplanted entirely with the person's personality in 2035, and the possibility that the person himself will continue to live as a hologram in 2045.