The rapid development of the computer and then the internet led to great changes and transformations in many aspects of human life.


Changes in many different areas have led to the fact that the most modern methods of the time have now been referred to as traditional or classical. One of the areas where Internet technologies have changed is education.

Online education, which almost completely disrupts classical school education, is now being preferred by billions of people around the world. There are very serious predictions that online education, which allows education content to be received via internet, computer or mobile devices, will overtake classical education in the coming years. There are no obstacles in the way of this situation at the moment, according to the way it looks and the way it is going. It is possible to say that this situation is not impossible by looking at the increase in mobile device usage and access to the internet as well as increasing the demand for online education.

Venue-Independent Education

There is a requirement to be in a physical space in order to ensure learning in traditional education. This is a situation that causes education to be trapped between the four walls and the students to be trapped in their geographical environment for many years in order not to be deprived of Education. Online education offers the opposite situation to the students. Thanks to Online education, it is possible to learn anywhere. Students can travel if they wish and continue to learn during this trip. Or they can Yesil training in green areas and gardens instead of being clogged indoors on hot summer and spring days. Being independent of space is one of the situations that makes online education advantageous over traditional education.

Always Training

One of the situations that puts traditional education at a disadvantage in the face of online education is the fact that there are time limits. People who want to receive education have the opportunity to receive education at the designated place, at the hours set for them every day. However, this is a negative situation for individuals who are discovering more and more of their own freedom and are becoming reluctant to compromise on it. In online education, there is no space limit, nor is there a time limit. When students feel ready to learn, they can apply for online training to learn. According to some research conducted in the field of learning psychology, when an individual feels ready to learn, learning becomes more permanent. In other words, it is not possible to say that the education received by individuals who wake up at the same time every day and go to school unwillingly is fruitful.

Lower Education Cost

The prices of online education are quite low when compared to school education. There is an advantage to enroll in online education courses and to improve yourself with the money spent only on transportation in courses or schools. Moreover, many courses offer money back guarantees for customer satisfaction today. This allows the online training kit to be returned if it is not liked.

There is no such facility in schools and courses, and because of the contracts made, often individuals continue to pay even if they drop out of the course. Leaving school, even in public schools, is a situation that requires waiting at least one year later, causing time damage even if it is not material. Online Courses, however, can be started at any time and can be terminated at any time. This is one of the biggest advantages of online courses versus classical schools and courses.

Multifaceted Education

One of the biggest advantages of online education is that it allows education in many subjects. For example, a person who enrolls in a university to study in one field has almost no opportunity to study in other fields. The university is an institution that covers all the time that individuals have during the day and continues to fill their time with assignments during the time they are free. It is possible to study several subjects at the same time by enrolling in regular courses, but it is not possible to study more than one through courses because each of these courses is very expensive.

Because Online education is both affordable and provides training opportunities in many subjects, it enables individuals to follow several courses at the same time and develop themselves in more ways than one at the same time. Online courses can also be used to supplement university or school courses if desired.

Digital Certificate

The majority of online training courses provide digital certificates to candidates who complete the course. In an environment where everyone can easily graduate from university, diplomas are no longer as prestigious as they used to be. Digital certificates have increased in importance as digitisation covers all areas of life. Digital certificates from online courses are important in order to find jobs in different fields and to have other qualifications to offer as well as a university degree. Online training, especially in software and design, and digital certificates obtained when successfully completed, offer great ease during job applications.

The Ability To Use Multiple

One of the most important advantages of online training courses is that it is possible to reuse the course once it has been purchased. Or it is the possibility that more than one person can receive education through the same course. In classical courses, it is not even possible to mention the existence of such an advantage. Although some courses offer discounted rates on multiple enrolments, this amounts to quite large numbers in total.

In online training sets, it is possible to use the set once it has been taken by dozens of people. In some courses it is not possible to enter from two computers at the same time. But even this is not an obstacle to multi-use. Thanks to this opportunity of online education, more people receive education with a small amount of money. This means that the money spent on education is more efficient to return.

Offline Online Training

While the internet is what makes Online education possible, the internet is not always necessary to access lessons. Once downloaded to a computer or phone, the online training kit can be used without the need for the internet. This is a feature that not only makes individuals independent of space in the sense of school, but also allows them not to be limited to areas where there is internet. In other words, individuals can continue their education in mountains, countryside, camps and many other areas without interruption.

Most Preferred Online Trainings

Today, there are many platforms where online training is offered in different subjects, as well as websites that are professionally established and sell online courses in a particular subject. Foreign language courses are the most preferred subjects in online education. Many students, especially English, prefer online trainings to learn foreign languages. In addition to language courses, software and programming trainings and editing and design trainings are among the most requested online trainings. There is also a high interest in online training courses that provide financial education.