With the development of technology, many innovations occurred in educational life.


Online-Eduonline / distance learning (e-learning, e-education concepts are also commonly and occasionally used in place of each other) is one of these innovations.

Computer-based educational programs emerged in the 1990s. These programs started to be implemented primarily in the United States and then spread all over the world. There are many distance education programs in our country which are equivalent to YÖK.

Distance education is a term describing the educational system in which the teacher and the student are not in the same environment. The student can follow their lessons with the help of a computer. The definition of distance education that the United States Distance Learning Association made in 2004 is as follows::

"Distance education is the delivery of education to remote students by means of satellite, video, audio, graphics, computer, multimedia technology. The usdla emphasizes that the teacher and student are geographically distant from each other and that electronic tools or written materials and printed materials should be used in this training program."

The number of students taking online education is increasing every year. More and more state universities and private universities are opening distance education programs.

Distance education is an ideal option for full-time employees and those who want to study abroad and cannot afford it.

Those who can study independently and alone can obtain a bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctorate degree by distance education.

Distance education is not a less effective form of education than formal education, although distance between teacher and student, although it is carried out remotely. In distance education, specially prepared materials are used. After understanding the structure of distance education, students see that it is not in any different activity than formal education.