Celebrity Hacking Group Stole 150 TB Of Data From 1-Year-Old Company

Celebrity Hacking Group Stole 150 TB Of Data From 1-Year-Old Company


The REvil hacking group, previously known for its threats against Donald Trump, has also put a firm on its target board, this time.  

Hackers allegedly stole a lot of information, including personnel data, from the company's systems.

The hacking group REvil, which has previously threatened US President Donald Trump, has put a company on its target board this time. The Hacker group's victim this time was the 150-year-old Brown-Forman company based in Kentucky, which is also behind brands such as Jack Daniel's.

The REvil team has been providing access to the Brown-Forman company's system for more than 1 month, according to a statement released. The team, which will be able to blow up systems and devices during this time, even have access to the company's cloud-based services.

REvil hacking group, re-attacked

A statement by a company representative said the company had detected the attack and intervened without any data being encrypted. This kind of file-encryption ransomware has long been finding new victims.

Hackers have recently begun to develop and use highly sophisticated methods. The attacks, which first target end users, are planned quite carefully and used against both governments and billion-dollar companies.

Although Brown-Forman averted the attack, the REvil group claims to have stolen about 1 TB of data from the company, using it to extort money from the company. Screenshots shared by the Hacker group also reveal that there was a data breach. In-House conversations, financial documents, contracts and personnel data have been compromised by the hacker group. A company spokesperson also confirmed that some of the data was stolen.

The fact that personnel data has been accessed, in particular, puts Brown-Forman employees in grave danger. Company staff can face dangers such as identity theft and intrusion into staff accounts. A spokesman for the company said they were working closely with law enforcement and agreed with the data security firm.

The Hacker group said they believed the company would make a 'discreet' choice and make the payment. REvil is able to leak some of the data he stole to force the company's hand, just as he did in his previous attacks.