IPhone 12 Pro is on sale!

IPhone 12 Pro is on sale!


Apple's next-generation iPhone model has been offered for sale before it was even introduced. Here's the price of the iPhone 12 Pro and other details.

As those who follow the technology agenda more or less closely know, Apple will introduce a new generation of iPhone models in the last quarter of this year. The US-based company will introduce 4 different models-the iPhone12, 12 Max, Pro and Pro Max.

Probably the prices of the introduced models will also be at the same level as the iPhone 11 series, which came out last year. Maybe a little raise on 5G support. But there is not expected to be such a big change on the price side.

Here's the $ 23,000 iPhone 12 Pro!

Although Apple has not yet introduced the new iPhone models, famous jewelry firm Caviar has opened the next generation of iPhone devices to pre-order. When it comes to Caviar, the importance of metals and precious stones used in processing rather than the price of the phone is at the forefront.

For now, the pre-order iPhone 12 Pro models also have the same situation. Caviar opened a model she covered in 18k gold to pre-order at $ 23,380.