Samsung Is Working On A File Transfer App With Blockchain-Based Security

Samsung Is Working On A File Transfer App With Blockchain-Based Security


Samsung is working on a new File Transfer app. Accordingly, the application called Private Share will allow its users to transfer files securely with blockchain-based security.

There are many options for sending a file from your mobile device to a friend: Bluetooth, NFC, Nearby Share, Quick Share. E-mail or WhatsApp can also be used in addition to the size of the file you send.

According to SamMobile, Samsung, which also has the Quick Share service, is working on a new application where security is at the forefront: Private Share. This new application, which can be used for File Transfer, will take advantage of the power of the blockchain for Secure File Transfer.

Secure file sharing app from Samsung: Private Share

The South Korean tech giant's app, where its users can make their files in secret, has a similar concept with short-term messages. The user who sent the file will set an expiration time for deleting the file, and when that time expires, the file will be automatically deleted.

Recipients will not be able to share the file again. In other words, the application will not offer an option such as re-sharing the file. It will also not be possible to take a screenshot. In order for file transfer to this path to occur, both the sender and the recipient must have a Private Share Application. The sender will send a transfer request, and if the recipient approves this request, a channel will be created and the file transfer will begin.

The Private Share app is expected to be announced alongside the Samsung Galaxy S21 as a new feature. The company had adopted a similar path in its apps, such as Quick Share and Music Share. These services were later shipped to older flagship and even mid-segment devices.

So, when Will the Samsung Galaxy S21 be announced? According to Jon Prosser, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S21 family in January 2021.

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