One Company Started Selling Land From The Moon For $ 25, Saying 'We're Not Kidding'

Moon Land Sale


A company called Lunar Embassy, which claims to have the legal basis for selling on the moon, began selling an acre of lunar land for $ 25.

The Coronavirus outbreak can lead some people to want and seek to live in different places. These places can sometimes be a refuge or more desolate places where there are no people. It could even be the Moon.

A company called Lunar Embassy sells land from the moon for $ 25 per acre (a unit of measurement equivalent to 4 acres in Britain) via its website. The company's owner, Dennis Hope, says it began sales of land from the Moon 40 years ago and millions have been on the moon ever since.

Moon Land Sale

The company, which sells land from Mars, Mercury and other planets in the Solar System, explains its mission as follows: the Lunar Embassy is the only company in the world that has a legal basis and copyright for the sale of land on the Moon and other extraterrestrial property within the boundaries of our Solar System.

Although some people have these deeds from the moon, there is no evidence that there are valid legal documents from the point of view of space settlers. Because the international community's view is that no one can have the moon, because the moon belongs to everyone.

More than 100 countries came together to agree that no country could have any part of the celestial bodies, including the moon, under the United Nations (UN) agreement of 1967. Another UN agreement in 1979 tried to apply this sharing attitude to the use of the moon's natural resources, but countries with the ability to reach the moon, such as China, Russia and the United States, did not sign it.

Because there are quite expensive sources on the moon, such as helium-3, which is worth 30 grams of 40 thousand dollars. Helium-3 is seen by scientists as a source of energy that will change the Earth in the future. Apart from that, even the water on the Moon is likely to be an expensive celestial mine. Because it is claimed that lunar water in a small structure shaped like ice lumps can be converted into rocket fuel, allowing ships traveling in space to refuel on their way to more distant planets such as Mars.

Despite these details, the company insists that its customers will own land in space, explaining: "If this sounds like a joke to you, please continue reading. Because we're not kidding. The sale of the moon property has been going on since 1980.

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