BitMEX Cryptocurrency Exchange Announces New CEO

Alexander Hoptner becomes the new CEO of BitMEX.


BitMEX, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is on the agenda with the appointment of a new CEO after a turbulent period. 100x Group, the top institution of the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange, announced that the new CEO of the exchange is Alexander Hoptner.

New CEO Of BitMEX Belli

It was announced yesterday that Hoptner will head the Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange from January 2021. Hoptner was also the former CEO of Stuttgart GmbH, one of Germany's largest securities exchanges, and EUWAX AG, a liquidity provider. Hoptner, who has held senior management positions since 2018, is actually a name that financial markets recognize.

The cause of this crisis and major change experienced by the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange is known as lawsuits. BitMEX, which was sued by the CFTC, the US securities regulator, later responded with the resignation of its top executive, who was named in the lawsuit.

Hayes and management had resigned

Arthur Hayes, the famous CEO of the cryptocurrency industry, was the first to resign. BitMEX not only made senior executive changes, but also made big strides systematically.

BitMEX, which is normally seen as relatively weak on KYC, will not keep any user without KYC on the platform as of December 4, 2020. BitMEX, which introduced strict KYC requirements, also threw this out against regulatory pressure from the United States and Europe. At the moment, these changes made by 100x Group have been effective and the stock market seems to have renewed confidence.

Good News For Bitcoin

In fact, the fact that withdrawals were made faster and longer than usual after the filing of a lawsuit against top executives of the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange and the arrest of CTO actually provided this environment of trust. Now, the appointment of a famous name known from traditional markets as CEO is definitely a positive development for the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange.

With the price of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin clinging to over $ 19,400, blocking all bad news from exchanges or the industry can guarantee the market's rise. Investors had been in reverse earlier on the rise with News from the US. BitMEX was also a major source of uncertainty as one of the world's largest Bitcoin exchanges, but the new designation prevented this.

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