Google announces critical vulnerability detected in iOS

Google announces critical vulnerability detected in iOS


An expert at Google Zero Project has identified a critical vulnerability in the iOS ecosystem. By exploiting this vulnerability, hackers can access sensitive data of iPhone owners such as photos, messages and emails. According to statements, this vulnerability has not affected any users to date.

Cybersecurity expert Ian Beer, part of the Google Project Zero team, explained that he had identified a vulnerability in the iOS ecosystem. this vulnerability, detected in a component called AWDL that allows the AirDrop service on iPhones to run, allows users to access important data. Beer says it has been working since the beginning of 2020 to find this vulnerability.

According to beer's statements, hackers can access photos, emails and messages of iPhone owners by exploiting the vulnerabilities in question. Beer, who stated that the vulnerability is very critical, notes that as a result of his research to date, this vulnerability has not been exploited, that is, any iPhone owner has not been affected by this vulnerability.

Vulnerability reported to Apple

Ian Beer said he reported the vulnerability he identified to Apple under the Bug Bounty program. The cybersecurity expert, who says he has no income expectations, says he can work with Apple if he wants, and sign that he will donate the money he will earn here to charities. It is not known at this time how Apple will make a return to this offer.

Iapple's AirDrop service enables high-speed data transfer between iPhones. The component called AWDL, where the vulnerability was detected, is known as "Apple Wireless Direct Link". The ubiquitous AWDL offers low-latency, high-speed connectivity between devices.

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